The Kerala HC, hereby reiterated that resort owners cannot recline the State Government’s Orders. The government had released an order to convert necessary properties into quarantine centres. The issue arose with the refusal of an owner to hand over his property to be used as quarantine-centres.

The petitioner owns 8.5 acres of land where 4 houses with nine rooms are situated. The panchayat secretary had asked the owner to hand over his land as per the Disaster Management Act. The petitioner’s claim that was there was agricultural activity going on and hence opposed to the land being used as a quarantine-centre.

The petitioner was asked to hand over the keys, and it was clarified that the public interest was to be looked into. The necessary arrangements for the same were made thereafter.
The Counsel representing the panchayat submitted that “The agricultural operations at the resort will not be affected. There are no hotels in the panchayats, and only some resorts are available, he submitted.”