ANIL CHAMADIA vs MEDIA ADVISORY COMMITTEE OF THE RAJYA SABHA : No access to the precinct of the Parliament- Journalist or Otherwise

In this case of Anil Chamadia vs Media Advisory Committee of the Rajya Sabha,
Anil Chamadia , petitioner, is a freelance journalist, whose permanent pass to the Press Gallery of the Parliament was restricted by a decision of the Media Advisory Committee (Restriction of passes to Freelance Journalist).
The Freelance journalist who were granted permanent passes in the past were now restricted to only sessional passes or two temporary passes according to the Guidelines for Accreditation of Journalist under Freelance Category, 2015.

The petitioner stated that the decision of MAC was violative of Article 19(1)(a) and Article 14 of the Constitution.
The respondent claimed that an access to the Parliament is a privilege and may be restricted by the Secretariat.

The Delhi High court stated that there will be no access to the Parliament precinct, Journalist or otherwise.