Copyright is the biggest issue for youtube

Copyright is the right of the owner of the original work, its main aim is to protect the work of the original author of the work. Youtube is the most common platform for watching or uploading the videos or audio works. Copyright and Youtube are co-related to each other, the owner of the cinematographic or the artistic work upload their video on youtube for revenue. There are many internet services to protect the contents of the owner of the work, it takes help of the Internet Serivces like Youtube Content ID. When a person uploads any video or audio content on youtube, the contents are scanned by the youtube against the database of audio nd video contents submitted to the Content ID system by copyright owners. If youtube finds any uploaded video content similar with the database’s contents, then, youtube sends a copyright notice indicating that the third party content has been identified in the video1.

Whenever a person uploads video regarding the cinematographic film or other aritstic work, the uploder have to take a permission from the original copyright holder to upload the content of the original author of the work. When the original owner of the work finds that contents of the video matches with the contents of the Copyright Owner. Therefore, the owner has the following options2:

  1. Mute audio that matches their music.
  2. Block theentire video from being viewed.
  3. Monetize the video by running ads against it.
  4. Track the video’s viewership data.

All these things are given to the Copyright owner and to make them aware about the infringement of their work; the owner of the work gives permission to the up-loader to use their work through issuing the license.

Here are some issues faced by the licensee when he uploads the contents of the owner through the video on youtube3. When an uploader or user uploads video on youtube still get copyright notice by the Content Id System. Unfortunately, youtube does not have any sensory percpetion to know about that the uploader or users hold the license of the work by the owner of the work. There are number of cases when Content ID System finds that the contents of the uploder match with the copyright owner. Therefore, in that case, the uploader has to prove that he has the right to use the work of the owner of the work, which is issued by the copyright holder of the work.Now, here the question arises how to dispute the copyright claim on youtube? The some suggestions that might help to solve this dispute are4:

  • First and foremost, respect the owner’s right before using their work the uploader should take permission from the owner of the work through issuing license;
  • Secondly, add the contents in the video before uploading on the youtube;
  • Thirdly, add some details of the license such as name of the person to whom the license was granted, title of the music work, the name of the author(s) and some additional details like the term and conditions of the license;
  • Fourthly, submit the copy of the license that issued by the copyright owner.

Recently, the Delhi High Court passed5 an order of Interim Injunction against the Youtube and Google for earning revenue on the rightful owner of the copyrights. The suit filed by the Tseries against the Youtube and the Google. The Delhi High Court passed an order of Interim Injunction order restrainging them from reproduing, adapting, distributing, communicating or dispalying on their website or infringing the rights of the Super Cassettes Industries.  Youtube is the most prominent website for watching the videos, it earnings all the revenues from the song of Tseries without obtaining permission or license from the rightful owner of the work, and without paying any royalty of the work.

Here are the some Arguments based on which the injunction order was passed where:

  • Tseries songs are free to the public but the Youtube collecting the revenue by displaying the advertisements on the screen;
  • The Super Cassettes Industries collecting the revenues from the Cds, DVDs, and Cassettes or giving the license to the hotels, restraunts etc., of their copyrighted music.

Here are the some Suggestions or might be highlighted by the defendants. They are:

  • Whenever the uploader or user uploadsvideos on Youtube the following message appears to avoid copyright infringement “Do not upload any TV shows, music videos, music concerts, or commercials without permission unless they consist entirely of content you created yourself. Please refer to our Copyright Tips page for some guidelines and links to help you determine whether your video infringes someone else’s copyright.”
  • Daily thousands of videos gets uploaded on youtube, giving regard to the number of videos its not technically possible for the website to make differences or restrict from uploding protected materials of copyright.
  • There are many other Internet operations such as Torrent, MySpace and Dailymotion, which sets up filtering system to block copyrighted material.


Copyright considered as a moral right given to the owner for their creativity and originality of the work. The main concern of the copyright is to protect the interest or the revenue of the work and at the same time, fair use is reasonable because creativity would be hiding in the practice of the copyright. The particulars will change but this same conflict will be raise repeatedly between the owner of the work and the Youtube. Fair allowance is the only reasonable because advance development based on the already existing matter.



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