Company Law


ABSTRACT AoA[1] is a legal instrument that deals with the inside administration of the organization and targets completing the goals as referred in the MoA. These characterize the organization’s goal and lay out the rules of how the undertaking is to be done inside the association. The AoA specifies details about the top managerial staff, … Continue reading ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION


ABSTRACT MoA is a written legal certificate organized in the enrollment strategy of a limited liability organization to indicate its connection with investors. The MoA is obtainable to general public and portrays the organization’s name, geographical area of enlisted office, title of investors and the division of shares. The MoA acts as the framework of … Continue reading MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION


INTRODUCTION Company law lays on two key aspects; that an organization is a separate legal entity which empowers financial obligations of its individuals. It has for quite some time been built up that an organization is a different legitimate individual from its investors, members and executives. This is legitimately and financially a basic aspect as … Continue reading CORPORATE VEIL


ABSTRACT A creating modern world requires a legal form of possession that would give limited liability to the proprietors and interminable life for the business. The solution is forming a company. A company is an artificial individual being made by the law that has an existence separate from its owners. This article intends to understand … Continue reading FORMATION OF A COMPANY