Abstract: In this fast facing world, inventions and variations in the technology is a common trend. Intellectual Property Rights aims to protect the rights of those who create this innovation or variations. Biotechnology is one of the field which is also growing at fast rate. This Article deals with basic introduction , types of biotechnology, … Continue reading IPR ISSUES IN BIOTECHNOLOGY

IPR to Magic Methods

Abstract The IP protection of magic methods has been a topic of concern since long. Magicians copying each other’s tricks, revelation of tricks, etc. are a few of the many issues. But there are ways in which magicians can protect their tricks and methods. This study is undertaken with a view of enquiring as to … Continue reading IPR to Magic Methods


Abstract The biggest contribution to the modern world is of the technology, specifically internet which helps in easy flow of information. The ease of obtaining information and communication has improved the working of the logistics which has made the operations far more convenient than it were earlier. However, it has a downside as well as … Continue reading IMPACT OF INTERNET ON IPR

Plaint under Civil Procedure Code

ABSTRACT The name is not defined in the code but can be said to be a statement of claim, a document presented at the presentation of the suit. The whole case is established by presenting the case in court or to that officer as it determines whether the case represents the defendant. In other words, … Continue reading Plaint under Civil Procedure Code


Abstract : There is an increasing need for well equipped laws in field of copyright law expanding to organisations and multi national companies. The Berne Convention, adopted in 1886, deals with the protection of works and the rights of their authors. This Article deals with the basic introduction, principles, rights under the convention, it’s international and … Continue reading BERNE CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF LITERARY AND ARTISTIC WORKS -1886

Analysis of 2018 Amendments in CrPC

Abstract- The basic motive in bringing amendments in CrPC is to make anti-rape laws more stringent. The Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2018 was brought down in order to control the inhumane act which is increasing at a very staggering rate. The voice was started rising when the crime against minor girls was stated increasing in … Continue reading Analysis of 2018 Amendments in CrPC


ABSTRACT The development of science and technology and consequential development of infrastructure led to the integration of different cultures and societies, thus removing geographical barriers. This integration gave rise to enhanced trade between different societies and the increased importance of multi-national corporations. However, this connectedness of the world also implied easy flow of information from … Continue reading AN OVERVIEW OF TRIPS AGREEMENT


ABSTRACT Every charge under the CrPC states the offence for which an accused is charged. the purpose of the charge is to inform the accused, for which offence he is being charged. It is important to let know the accused clearly and with a certainty of the charges which the prosecution has charged against him. … Continue reading CHARGES UNDER CrPC

All About Bail

Abstract- According to Black's Law Dictionary, what is thought to be bail is to "obtain a person's release from custody, by making him or her appear immediately and in a fair manner and presenting himself or herself to the law and the judiciary." Bail is widely used to provide for the release of a defendant, … Continue reading All About Bail

Issue and service of summons in Civil and Criminal Cases

Abstract The service and issue of summons is significant in both civil and criminal cases. The Indian law provides that everyone should be heard to achieve the objective of a free and fair trial. Both the law contains important provisions regarding the issue and service of summons to the defendant as well as the witnesses. … Continue reading Issue and service of summons in Civil and Criminal Cases