Matchmaker to give a refund to the woman

Mumbai consumer forum ordered the matchmaker to pay Rs. 60,000 because for failing to give the names of 15 suitors each month as promised to the client.

The complaint was filed 8 years ago, where a woman was told by a Juhu based matchmaker Priya Shah that she practices matchmaking and said 15 matrimonial matches each month.

The woman hired her and paid Rs. 55,000 by cheque in July 2012. The promise was not fulfilled by Shah. The complainant had sent e-mails but still, there was no change in the service that she was being given. On 25th October the woman terminated the contract and thought that she would get a refund.

She went to the consumer forum after not getting the refund.

It was noted from Shah’s visiting card which said “The Match Maker-For Well Educated Elite Class & NRI members” that she has failed to provide necessary service to the complainant.

The complaint was filed under Section 12(1) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. Shah was asked by Consumer Disputes Redressal Comission to pay Rs. 55,000 refund and also pay Rs. 5,000 as imposed costs within 30days.

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