The women should demand 50% reservation in judiciary as a right not as a charity : CJI Ramana

While addressing the next CJI, women advocates and judges of Supreme Court, CJI NV Ramana said that the women of the whole world should be unite because they have nothing to lose, but it is necessary to broke all the chain which prevents them in their progress.

He also accept the oppression of women for a long time and said that it is an issue of thousands of years of oppression. And said it is the right time to reach the goal and also said that in lower levels of the judiciary less than 30%of judges and 11% High Court and only 4 judges out of 33 judges in the Supreme Court are women. He also said that only 15% out of 1.7 million advocates are women and this ratio of women is very less in state Bar on 2%.

He also said that there should be 50% reservation in judiciary as well as the law colleges across the country.

He also raised the issue of why the Bar Councils of the Indian National Committee does not have even a single woman representative.

He also highlighted the challenges which is unfriendly condition for women layers, he also includes the infrastructure like female washrooms and crèches for working mothers.

He said that Justice Nagarathana, who will be the India’s first woman CJI also promote the gender equality in other areas.

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