In the Rattan Lal murder case, the Delhi High Court denies bail to one accused but granted it to another

In response to the killing of head constable Rattan Lal during Delhi Violent clashes in February 2020, the Delhi High Court on Monday released on bail to one accused and denying relief to the other.

Justice Subramonium Prasad granted Mohd Saleem Khan’s bail application but denied Mohd Ibrahim’s.

The Court had previously given Shanawaz and Mohd Ayyub bail whilst rejecting Sadiq and Irshad Ali’s bail applications.

The case concerned the assassination of Delhi police chief constable Rattan Lal.

Additional Solicitor General S V Raju had stated that the incident in question was indeed a “direct assault on security forces” who have been “helplessly outnumbered” while challenging the bails of Delhi riots suspects.

The Court had previously granted bail to five people, stating that the right to freedom of expression and express dissent is a basic right in a democratic country.

“It is the Court’s fundamental duty to make sure that there can be no unjustified impairment of individual freedom in the face of government power abuse,” the court said.

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