It’s not possible for anyone to Take Benefit of Mistake Of Court

The Supreme Court hosts saw that a get-together can’t take advantage of an incidental mix-up submitted by a court while passing a request.  A seat containing Justices MR Shah and AS Bopanna was hearing an allure looking for improvement of remuneration for lands procured by the NOIDA authority compliant with a warning gave in 1976.


The appellants relied on a 2014 Allahabad High Court decision in the matter of Mangu v State of UP. In the aforementioned case, the High Court issued a single decision to resolve a slew of challenges, the majority of which concerned property purchases that occurred in 1992.


However, one of the appeals was for a 1977 transaction that was ‘inadvertently’ linked with the other appeals for the 1992 acquisitions. Because the High Court issued a single order for augmentation, the land value of the 1977 acquisition, as well as the 1992 acquisitions, was ‘mechanically’ increased.

The appellants relied on this augmentation granted by the High Court in the 1977 case when they appeared before the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court did, however, notice that the case related to the 1977 acquisition was accidentally included in with the other batch of cases pertaining to the 1992 acquisition.


Nobody informed the Supreme Court of this truth. As a result, the High Court “mechanically” increased compensation in all instances, oblivious to the inclusion of the 1977 acquisition case in the batch of appeals. The appellants, according to the Court, cannot take advantage of the High Court’s error. The Court further observed that, after discovering the error, the NOIDA authority filed a review petition, which is currently undergoing adjudication. In light of this, the Supreme Court rejected the appellants’ arguments based on the HC decision.

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