According to CJI Justice N.V. Ramana the legislature should revisit the laws and reform them according to the needs of people and time

In the inauguration of the Aain Seva Bhawan, the new building of (OSLSA) at Cuttack, he congratulated Chief Justice of Orissa High Court, S. Muralidhar. He specially praised Justice Muralidhar for his hard work and dedication to serve the people of Orissa.

According to the CJI, the Indian Judicial system is facing two challenges – the ‘Indianisition of Justice delivery’ and enabling the people to “decode the justice delivery system by education ”.

Ramana said, “I emphasize, our laws must match with our practical realities. The executive has to match these efforts by way of simplifying the corresponding rules. Most importantly, the Executive and the Legislature should function in unison. Only then,the Judiciary would not be compelled to step in as a law-maker and would only be left with the duty of applying and interpreting it. At the end, it is the harmonious functioning of the three Organs of the State that can remove the procedural barriers to justice.

Such issues can be addressed through Indianisation.The overall conviction is that it is the courts which are fit for tending to these worries. In any case,the propleblose control over the fate pf their grievances between thecomplex language of the acts and the process of justice delivery. Often in this trajectory, the justice-seeker feels like an outsider to the system.

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