In the aftermath of the Rohini shooting incident, a petition in the Delhi HC seeks directions from the police and the BCD to take steps to ensure the safety and security of district courts

The petition, filed by Advocate Deepa Joseph and supported by Advocates Robin Raju and Blessan Mathews, expresses concern about the shocking incident of firing while highlighting that Advocates who practise in district courts on a daily basis are unsafe, citing the case of a young legal professional who was severely injured in the same incident.

Concerning the Delhi Bar Council, it has been proposed that an advice be sent to all District Bar Associations recommending that their members cooperate with Police officials at the main entrance of courts.

On Friday, a startling incidence of gunfire occurred in a courtroom at Delhi’s Rohini Court. According to different media reports, gangster Jitendra Gogi was shot dead in broad daylight today in Rohini court. According to media reports, three other people were murdered in the gunfight, in addition to Gogi.


When Gogi was taken into the courtroom, the thugs acting as attorneys attacked him. Witnesses told the media that the judge and court personnel were there when the horrible occurrence occurred. Images have emerged of litigants and attorneys running for safety in the thick of the gunfire.

Similarly, a lawyer has petitioned the Supreme Court for an order directing the Union of India and state governments to take prompt actions and measures to ensure the security of the Subordinate Courts.


The Chief Justice of India has expressed great concern over the event and has communicated with the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court about it. It should be mentioned that the Supreme Court is now examining another suo motu case pertaining to the protection of judicial personnel and court premises, which was brought in the aftermath of the assassination of Jharkhand Judge Uttam Anand in Dhanbad.

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