UK refuses to recognize Indian certificate for Covishield

UK in an unexpected turn decided to give recognition to the vaccine of Covishield, but UK refuses to recognize certification given in India.

The vaccine certificates issued in India would not be recognized in the UK.
This is a contrary practice because despite giving recognition to the Covishield vaccine, in effective practice, the certificates that show the administration of these certificates will not be recognized, and this essentially means that the Covishield vaccine itself is not recognized.

Therefore, Indian travellers going to UK have to remain in a 10-day quarantine. This unreasonable non-recognition of Indian certification for Covishield, naturally does not sit well with the Indian government.

India has called this a ‘discriminatory practice’, and has even warned that reciprocal measures would be taken against UK if this discrimination continues.

UK government gave recognition to vaccines of AstraZeneca Covishield, Vaxzevria, Moderna Takeda, and 18 countries are in the ‘Green List’ where vaccinated travellers can fly to UK without having to get quarantined on arrival.
But India remains on UK’s ‘amber list’ where India’s ‘public health bodies’ are not recognized for their vaccine certificates.

Discussion of officials from both countries continue to resolve this conflict on ‘vaccine certifications.’

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