Language of law should also be in the language of common people

Pradeep Rai, Senior Advocate of SC recently in an event on the ocassion of Hindi Diwas said that If the people pf India don’t understand the language in which the law is written, how can that law help them for their upliftment ?

The event was oganized by Ghaziabad Bar Association on September 14, he said that people can relate and understand better to one’s thoughts when one speaks in their own language. It is Unfortunate, that common people cannot understand the law which is actually made for their own upliftment.

Speaking on the development of Hindi language, the Vice President of Supreme Court Bar association said that:“Development of Hindi is not just the responsibility of the government but also of citizens. Hindi can work as the connecting link that can bind the whole nation. Instead of dividing Hindi, we need to make it a binding force.” He calls it unfortunate that we have let Hindi divide us rather than binding us together.

Recently CJI Ramana also advocated about the need to Indianize our legal system at an event.
Rai spoke on ways to strengthen the language-the only way to add value to a language is to embrace words from different languages. Moreover, we should realise that Hindi literature are appealing and charismatic with its roots in Sanskrit. He also emphasised the need for authentic translation of prose written in different languages to Hindi.

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