Centre filed appeal against the Kerala High Court single-judge

The government has filed an appeal against one single-judge judgement of the Kerala High Court, which declared that those who pay for the Covishield vaccine have the freedom to choose when to get the second dose at any time after first dose and before the 84-day gap recommended by the authorities.

The appeal, which will be examined by a Division Bench of the High Court, claims that the single-judge ruling goes against the established principle that courts should not interfere with government policy choices.

The dose period for Covid-19 was already amended several times, according to the Central government’s plea, based on new scientific evidence and with the advice of the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration (NEGVAC).

The current interval was chosen based on NEGVAC’s technical perception that a period of 84 days among doses could provide the best virus protection.

If the single-judge order is upheld, a large number of vaccinations could be conducted suddenly, resulting in improper management and possibly jeopardising the chances of the existing population who has yet to receive the vaccine.

As a result, trying to assess the problem from a scientific perspective, than as an issue covered by Article 14, will indeed lead to a massive crisis.

The Central government has sought a stay order on the order given by the single-judge bench, on these grounds.

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