The election of the Delhi Capital Badminton Association has been postponed until October 22nd by the Delhi HC

Justice DN Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh gave notice on the LPA recorded by SP Singh Dhillon testing a solitary adjudicator seat request dated September 8, 2021 via which headings were given for directing the said decisions. The Court had additionally requested the Returning Officer to fix a date from political race at the latest 30th September.

Despite acknowledging that there were serious violations and frauds in the membership of the 11 regional units, the single judge approved the election, so it is reasonable to challenge the controversial order.


The senior lawyer CA Sundaram, who appeared in court for the complainant, submitted at the hearing that the district association was registered after May 2013, but they were admitted to the association on March 15, 2013, which clearly shows the existence of manipulation and fraud.

Allegedly, the Delhi Capital Badminton Association provided affiliation to the district units on March 15, 2013, and all 11 district badmintons were fake. After hearing the above-mentioned complaint, the court announced the complaint on October 22 and announced the further trial. In the controversial order of September 8, Judge Pratibha M made the election run smoothly.

The Court had coordinated that the Returning Officer would be allowed to offer bearings to the 11 area units of the DCBA and that the Association will guarantee that any inconsistencies or insufficiencies are eliminated in such the District Units on a dire premise.


The Court had explained that the political race will be held rigorously as far as the past request dated 31st May, 2021 passed by the Court wherein outcasts were prohibited to take part in the appointment of the DCBA, accordingly allowing just the individuals being selected by the different locale individual’s relationship to take an interest.

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