Javed Akhtar Defamation Case Against Kangana Ranaut

The matter regarding the Defamation case filed by Javed Akhtar did not proceed as Kangana Ranaut sought to transfer the case.

Kangana Ranaut was accused by Javed Akhtar for damaging his reputation by saying his name in an interview with Republic T.V regarding the death of Susant Singh Rajput. During the hearing, Akhtar’s counsel submitted that Kangana came up with some bizarre reasons. Complaint filed against Kangana had the offences under Section 499 and 500 under the Indian Penal Code. Akhtar claims that she had given her opinions without any Personal knowledge.

After looking into the complaint on 1st February, the Metropolitan Magistrate issued process against Ranaut under Section 204 of CrPC. She was said to appear on 1st March to record her plea. On 9th September the Bombay High Court dismissed Ranaut’s plea to quash the proceedings observing her procedural irregularity.

Final Exemption was ordered to Kangana on 14th September after her lawyer said that she was showing Covid symptoms.

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