Suicide Committed by a Victim of Sexual Harassment

The case where a teen committed suicide due to sexual harassment by a close family member.

On 6th September 2020, victim’s friend sent messages to the victim’s mother telling her that their close cousin uncle had been sending “dirty messages” to the victim. When the victim’s mother confronted her daughter, she showed her the screenshot that she had kept hidden in a folder on her phone. After showing her mother all of these the girl jumped off the balcony from the 4th floor of her house. On the next day, the victim’s mother found a note in her daughter’s dresser which talked about the ill deeds of the accused.

FIR was filed against the accused after 96 days invoking Section 306, 354A, 354-B of the IPC and Section 4 and 8 of the POCSO Act.

Man’s bail application was rejected by Justice Bharat Dangare.
It was argued by Advocate Aabad Ponda that his client was not liable for the suicide of the victim and texting the girl could be considered a moral blunder.

This was disagreed by Justice Dangare and he said that the note that the girl had written before her suicide said all about how she felt. Her note gave the impression that she felt trapped.

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