Kerala HC directed Central Government to take action against movie “Marakkar”

The Kerala High Court issued direction to the central government to take action on the complaint filed against CBFC certification for the upcoming movie marakkar, a Malayalam movie.

The bench was headed by Justice PV Kunhikrishnan issued the order on a plea filed by the defendant kunjali mad car on restrain of the release of the film on the ground of distortion of history.

From the petitioner senior Advocate M Ramesh chander appeared and stated that on 7th February last year a complaint was filed while the State has not taken any action yet.

Furthermore the CBFC informed that the complaint has been forwarded to the concerned ministry.

The petition argued that the teaser showed distorted and fabricated version of the life of kunhalimarakkar which is a defamation against his family members.

Petitioner asserted that an expert committee should review the film and then it should be screen in the theatre.

The Court directed the Central to take immediate decision on the complaint within 4 weeks.

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