Prime Minister inaugurates two new defence office complexes

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated two new defence office complexes for the Defence Ministry.

The office complexes are located at Africa Avenue and Kasturba Gandhi Marg, in New Delhi.

It has been constructed at a cost of ₹775 crore and spread over 13 acres of land.

Over 7000 employees of the Ministry, presently in hutments and old buildings around South Block and North Block, will be moving there soon.

The Prime Minister stated that this is an important step towards developing the capital of the country according to the needs and aspirations of the new India. It would lead to the creation of a modern defence enclave in the capital.

It was further stated that the capital of any country is a symbol of the thinking, determination, strength and culture of that country. Therefore, the capital of India should be such, that people are in the centre.

The new Defence Office Complex would make the work of the forces “ more convenient, more effective”

It was also stated that with the modernisation of India’s military power in every aspect, such as with modern weapon equipments, increased procurement of the army’s requirement, there was a need to improve the working.

The Prime Minister further highlighted that the construction of these complexes were completed in 12 months, whereas the estimated time was 24 months. The construction also provided employment to hundreds of labourers.

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