Supreme Court: nominees are being cherry-picked by the centre

The Supreme Court raised an objection on Wednesday to the way the Central government authorized nominations to several tribunals recently.

The suggestions of Search and Selection Committees (SCSCs) were carried upon in an unacceptable way, according to a special bench led by Chief Justice of India NV Ramana, with some of the contenders being cherry-picked by the government whilst others are shelved.

“For the National Company Law Tribunal, the SCSC proposed nine judicial members and ten technical members” (NCLT). The appointment letter was written in such a way that it appeared as though individuals were hand-picked and some were retained on the waiting list. We cannot dismiss qualified people and place them on a waiting list. “What kind of recruitment to the posts is this?” questioned the CJI.

On September 6, the Supreme Court slammed the administration for failing to fill vacancies and issued a deadline for the government to take action on the SCSC’s proposals or face contempt of court.

The CJI, on the other hand, stated that the Court is dissatisfied with the way the Centre is handling the suggestions. He also emphasised SCSCs’ attempts to zero in on prospects during the COVID phase.

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