Pendency of cases in Lower Courts has ascended to another record, crossing the 4-crore mark

In the 3-tier legal system of judiciary, including the supreme Court and 25 High Courts, the pendency of cases has essentially expanded in the last one-and-a-half years, from 3.7 crores in March 2020 to 4.6 crore now — just about 1 crore cases were added during this period. The High Court alone has 70,000 cases at present that is pending, which was 60,600 in March 2020.

One reason behind a particularly huge ascent in pendency is the failure of the Justice delivery framework to adjust to the new difficulties and quickly move to the computerized format and the e-courts system.

A software is presently being utilized by each Court to acknowledge e-documenting, e-pay of court charges, and issue of e-summons. Issues like video conferencing, broadband, rapid web availability and computerisation of courts have for quite some time been tended to.

After the flare-up of the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown, there had been an underlying aversion and hesitance from the Bar relationship in a few states who would not acknowledge e-courts and computerized hearings.

The law service now and again had been keeping in touch with the apex court and the high courts to make it obligatory for e-recording of petitions, installment of court expenses electronically and issue of e-summons through messages. Be that as it may, excepting the business courts, these bearings have not yet been made obligatory for different courts, including the high courts.

The courts have always been unable to work at full strength because of huge vacancies of judges. Against an authorized strength of 24,490 advocates in region and subordinate courts, the current strength is 19,367. These courts kept on having in excess of 5,000 vacancies for no less than 10 years now. The 25 HCs with 465 empty posts of judges is the most noticeably awful ever.

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