Jammu and Kashmir to implement Forest Rights Act, 2006

The Jammu and Kashmir government has decided to implement the Forest Rights Act, 2006, which will elevate the socio-economic status of a sizeable section of the 14 lakh population of tribals and nomadic communities, including Gujjar-Bakerwals and Gaddi-Sippis, in the Union Territory.

On September 13th, J&K Lieutenant-Governor Manoj Sinha stated that after nearly 14 years, due rights will be conferred upon the tribal community by implementing the Forest Rights Act, 2006, keeping in mind the basic spirit of social equality and harmony as guided by the Constitution and the Parliament.

The implementation of the Act will help in ensuring a dignified life to the tribal population.

It would empower the tribal community by restoring to them the rights for a better life, while fulfilling the primary needs of water, food, home and livelihood.

It would also change the condition of their lives. They would become self-reliant with access to resources for their development.

The Act will help in addressing the prolonged suffering of tribal people and also ensure forest conservation.

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