Bombay High Court Refused to Quash FIR

On Monday Bombay High Court dismissed the application of CRPC 482. The Application was filed by Jafar Ali Sher Ali Sayyad for quashing the FIR filed against him for posting disrespectful and abusive messages regarding Goddess Durga on WhatsApp Group.

He was one of the participants of the Whatsapp Group which were created by the complainant for Durga Puja. On October 9 2019, around 7:00 pm the applicant posted disrespectful and abusive messages on the group. His intention was to create disturbance and hurt the sentiments of the people of the locality. Thus FIR was filed against him.

It was also seen that the applicant was not cooperating with the investigation and the further deleted the offensive messages for the purpose of destroying the evidence.

The court noted that the message content was intended to outrage the religious sentiment so, this cannot be taken. 482 CrPc was thus dismissed by the court.

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