The use of abusive and disparaging words by police on civilians is against constitutional decency, according to the Kerala HC

The Kerala High Court has scolded the police department to use derogatory language when engaging civilians, ordering the State Police Chief to issue instructions to all officials to address people with dignity and to make a report on the actions taken.

The use of abusive and insulting phrases to address people, according to single judge Justice Devan Ramachandran, is counter to our nation’s fundamental morals and ethics.

The Court stated that the applications filed invoking the High Court’s jurisdiction – from what is now termed as “police abuse cases” – allege that police officer used derogatory and insulting language when speaking to civilians.

As a result, the Court felt compelled to state unequivocally that such police operations are inappropriate in a modern democratic system.

The Court further noted that it is often tough, if not unattainable, for a person to show that a police officer spoke to him or her in a disparaging or abusive manner since such allegations are examined by the police officials.

As a result, the Court stated unequivocally that using insulting remarks to approach individuals cannot be accepted or condoned, and ordered the State Police Chief to write a report detailing the efforts taken to guarantee that this does not happen.

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