Removal of Sites and Link Regarding the Indecent Photos and Videos of a Woman

Delhi High Court ordered the removal of the sites or links containing objectionable photos and videos of a woman from the internet. This was ordered to Google, Centre and Delhi Police Cyber Cell.

This case was being dealt by Justice Subramonium Prasad. The petition was filed by a women for the centre to block pornographic sites.

The Centre submitted the steps that it will take for removing the photo and video of the women from the pornographic sites during the hearing. On seeing this the Court ordered the Centre for filing an affidavit regarding the matter within two weeks. The court ordered the SHO to serve a notice upon the accused.

Next hearing regarding this matter will be on 16th September.

Earlier this year the High Court said that the photos take from Instagram and Facebook without any consent of the person and then uploaded in the Pornographic Sites will be an offence under Section 67 of Information Technology Act. If the photos are not indecent, but still was uploaded will be an offence as it is was taken without consent of the person. This will breach someone’s personal privacy.

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