Girl below Marriageable age won’t deprive her of Right to life and Liberty

The Punjab and Haryana High Court held that just because the petitioner (Girl) hasn’t attained the age of marriage cannot be deprived of her fundamental rights given under Indian constitution.

The bench was headed by Justice Harnaresh Singh Gill held that it is the duty of the state to protect life and liberty of every citizen.

The fact of the case the minor girl is 17 years ten months old who is also the petitioner, whereas the boy has attained the majority.

They both want to marry each other but the family member of the boy is against their relationship.

Thus they are in a live-in- relationship and facing threat from the family of the boy.

There is an constant danger and the situation might arouse to the extent of killing both of them by the boy’s family.

The court held the couple should be treated as citizen of the country and protection should be granted.

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