Liable to Pay Compensation to Passenger

On Monday it was said by the Houranable Supreme Court that the railway is liable to pay compensation until or unless it provides the evidence and proves that the delay of the train was beyond their control.

Aggrieved by such order the Northern railways applied for a special leave petition which had a bench of Justice Aniruddha Bose and Justice MR Shah.

The respondent had to face a huge loss as the Ajmer Jammu Express train delay its arrival by four hours. Due to the delay of the train, the flight that he had to take from Jammu to Srinagar was missed so, he had to take a taxi to Srinagar which cost him Rs.15,000. The loss of Rs 9000 of airfare and Rs. 10000 for the booking of the boat in Dal Lake was suffered by the respondent.

It was seen by the bench that there was no evidence that said that explained that why the train was delayed to reach Jammu.

Therefore, the District Forum, the State Commission and the National Commission saw that there were an absence of evidence and there was no proper service provided by the railway. So, the railway is liable to compensate the passenger.

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