Appointment of Judges through Collegium system be made permanent

Yesterday statements issued by the Supreme Court Collegium recommending that two additional judges of the Kerala High Court and ten from Karnataka High Court should be made permanent judges of the respective high courts.

The two Additional Judges of the Kerala High Court are:

  1. Justice M.R. Anitha, and
  2. Justice K. Nair Haripal.
    The ten names so recommended are With regard to the Karnataka High Court:
  3. Justice Shivashankar Amarannavar,
  4. Justice M. Ganeshaiah Uma,
  5. Justice Vedavyasachar Srishananda,
  6. Justice Hanchate Sanjeevkumar,
  7. Justice Padmaraj Nemachandra Desai,
  8. Justice P. Krishna Bhat,
  9. Justice Maralur Indrakumar Arun,
  10. Justice Engalaguppe Seetharamaiah Indiresh,
  11. Justice Ravi Venkappa Hosmani, and
    10.Justice Savanur Vishwajith Shetty.

In January 2020, Justices Indrakumar Arun, Indiresh and Hosmani were appointed as additional judges and Justice Shetty was appointed in April 2020.

May,2020, other six judges, namely Justices Amarannavar, Uma, Srishananda, Sanjeevkumar, Desai, and Bhat were appointed.

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