On September 20, the Delhi HC will hear a petition challenging the Delhi Government’s guidelines prohibiting cross-gender spa and massage services

The Delhi High Court will hear on September 20 a supplication testing rules gave by the Delhi Government forbidding cross sex spa and back rub administrations in the public capital.

Equity Rekha Palli, who wouldn’t give notice on the request on Monday, asked the solicitor (Association of Wellness Ayurveda and Spa) to record an oath expressing the activity taken by the Delhi Government considering the decried rules.

On the other hand, Satyakam, a lawyer who appeared in court for the Delhi government, claimed that these guidelines are only an internal document and have not been notified or implemented.
Moved by human rights defenders Indu Kaul, Mani Kaul and Vikram Kaul, they confirmed that the petitioning association was dissatisfied with the arbitrary, discriminatory, illegal and discriminatory treatment of spas in the capital of the country by the relevant authorities.

According to the petition, the authorities shuttered two spa centres in the national capital based on “fictitious rules” for indulging in cross-gender spa and massages. Other spas are also being threatened in a similar manner by the police.

The application also noted that transgender treatment has always been part of traditional massage practices, as well as other medical treatments, such as psychotherapy` and drug abuse treatment, in which transgender closeness is also common.

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