Quash Petition is not Justified

IPS officer Rashmi Shukla’s petition regarding quashing the FIR was dismissed by Maharashtra Government. Mumbai Police told Bombay High Court that she was not named as the accused in the FIR regarding the leaking of confidential information of police posting in the state.

Mumbai Police filed an affidavit stating that Shukla has no right to file a petition regarding quashing of the FIR. The affidavit had the following grounds-
The implication of the accused cannot be said by only the registration of the FIR.
That the FIR was filed against the person who was not known to anyone.
Shukla also went in an incorrect way telling that she was involved in the case. She was only given the notice to give facts and information that happened during the investigation.

Advocate Darius Khambata represented the Mumbai Police at the time of the hearing. He said that was related to leakage and theft of the data as well as the documents. He further said that leaking of these data and documents to the public is a serious offence.

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