Delhi government seeks time from the Delhi Highcourt before giving instructions upon the Ladli Scheme

Petition filed by a 27 year old girl named Akansha Mishra, through Udit Gupta,an advocate, the petition contains that Akansha was selected as a recipient under the Ladli scheme plan on January 27, 2009. The plan was relevant for her from February 1, 2009 till August 8, 2012, on achieving the age  of majority.

Under the plan, the Delhi Government gives monetary help for strengthening and empowering young girls being born in Delhi. The beneficiary amount of for every recipient rely upon the stage at which every young lady enters the plan and registers under it.

Akansha selected the plan at the phase of being conceded in Class IX and was consequently, qualified for the primary help of Rs 5000. The commitment was made and an affirmation slip in lieu thereof, was given appearance the beginning of cover date to be February 1, 2009 and the development date of August 8, 2012.

In such manner, at the development, she was qualified for get the principal amount of Rs 5000 for taking confirmation in Class IX, second amount of Rs 5000 for taking affirmation in Class X and a further amount of Rs 5000 for taking confirmation in Class XII.

Upon maturity, she opened a Zero balance account in the State Bank of India towards satisfaction of the condition for approval of the sanctioning the maturity action. Akansha amd her father has been trying to get the amount for the past 9year but no reaction has been taken till date.

The Delhi Ladli schemes, being an advantageous plan, should be dealt carefully by the authority and the valid Candidate should benefit from it.
Thus, this case is to be heard on October 11,2021.

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