Plea for correction of Deceased Parent’s Name on Passport

Recently there was a plea that was allowed by The Kerela High Court regarding the correction of the deceased parent’s name on the passport.

The petitioner had received various offer letters for her to work in the hospital abroad. She was going through her document when she noticed that her date of birth and her parent’s name had been written wrong.

Her date of birth was shown as 03.05.1987 instead of 23.05.1986 same happened with her deceased father’s name which was written as “Sebastian” instead of “Devasia”. Seeing this she decided to correct the mistakes. So, she applied for the correction of her father’s name and her date of birth.

A statement was filed by the Regional Passport officer stating that she has already travelled with the initial passport with the mistakes on it and also that her renewed passport had was the same as the initial one.

It was noticed by the court that the guidelines of the Ministry of External Affairs, that if there is a mistake in the parent’s name it could be corrected even after their death and it could be corrected based on the right documents that are provided to the officer.

So, the respondent cannot go against the guidelines and was said to give a date to the petitioner. It was also ordered to verify the documents provided by the petitioner.

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