The Jharkhand HC ordered the registry to immediately obtain all orders for each lamination case

Underlining that the request sheets of Judicial records should be secured and safeguarded, the Jharkhand High Court as of late guided its library to get the request sheets of every single case overlaid right away.

The Court of Ananda Sen issued this order, stating that the Supreme Court is a prehistory court and therefore, due to the passage of time and the handling of each of the case files by multiple people, the order sheets will be damaged and broken many times.

The court also noted that it found several documents in which the order form was in a dilapidated state. Therefore, taking into account the above facts, the court ordered the Secretary-General of the High Court of Ranchi Jharkhand to immediately laminate all orders in each case to prevent damage to the orders and save them..

Eventually, the court ordered a copy of the order to be presented to the general secretary of Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi, for enforcement.

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