Act Done By Man Against The Social Norm

On Tuesday Allahabad High dismissed a Plea of Habours Courpus. This plea was filed by a man on the behalf of his so-called lover. His allegations were that his so-called girlfriend was detained by his father illegally.

Pritosh Yadav plea on the behave of his lover Shivani Gupta for releasing her from her father and protecting them both.

On 25th August’s hearing, the Court saw that Pritosh Yadav had deposited 20,000 rupees through demand draft. The Court said that if this matter fails then the money will go to the corpus.

The woman was brought to court on 31st August. The woman said that she never intended to file a petition neither is she illegally detained by her father. She also said to the court that living with her father was her own decision and she has the desire to live with them in future as well.

Noting her statement the court gave the demand draft of Rs. 20,000 drawn in the name of Shivani Gupta

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