Rash Driving is not an offence if a pedestrian is hit while not using a zebra crossing, according to a Mumbai court

A biker defendant of killing a pedestrian was not guilty by the Court. Pedestrians aren’t alleged to cross the jap categorical main road unless there’s an equid crossing, a justice Court determined in its order acquitting a 30-year-old biker accused of killing a 60-year-old lady whereas she tried to cross the road in 2017.

Hemant Hatkar, a motorcyclist, was acquitted by Magistrate SS Parave of charges under Sections 279 (rash and negligent act), 304(A) (causing death by carelessness), and 134(a)(b) of the Motor Vehicle Act.

The court found that the accident appeared to have occurred in the middle of the street and there is nothing to suggest that the victim used the crosswalk.

The magistrate further stated that there is nothing to connect Hatkar to the collision with Mudrika Kamble. The court said that the informant was not an eyewitness, but arrived after the incident.

In the situation, obviously indictment has neglected to set up that blamed drove his engine vehicle on a public street in rash and careless way jeopardizing human existence or individual security of others and along these lines caused demise of Mudrika Kamble and furthermore neglected to give her clinical help and to report the make a difference to the closest police headquarters.

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