Karnataka High Court Allowed Bull Racing, Directs State To Ensure Animals Safety & That They Are Not Tortured

Case title: M/S People For Animals Mysuru Animal Welfare Organisation v. State Of Karnataka

Court relyed on Supreme Court conditions laid in the case of Shivajirao Adhalrao Patil v. State of Maharashtra & Ors. can be adhered to by Karnataka as well.

Petitioner, M/S People For Animals Mysuru Animal Welfare Organisation had approached the court that not grant permissions to respondents for conducting any bullock cart races & dismiss the order given earlier in March 2021which he included in his prayer.

A further direction was made to the Animal Welfare Board, to overlook & monitor all bullock/bullock cart races, happening in the state of Karnataka.

The state government informed the court that Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (Karnataka) was amended in 2017, and as per amendment to Sections 2 and 28 (a), bullock cart races is permitted in the state of Karnataka and it does not amount to offence under the Act.

Further, as it’s a custom in state of Karnataka & keeping all the pandemic & other Factor situation the race permission was withdrawn.

Accordingly The court relyed on SC judgement for Maharashtra Bull race & therefore the conditions laid down.

Accordingly , the court disposed of the petition.

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