First women to be in line for becoming Chief Justice of India in the year 2027 – Justice BV Nagarathna

Justice Nagarathna was born on October 30, 1962 in Mandya District, Karnataka. She is the daughter of former Chief Justice of India ES Venkataramiah.Most of her education was done from Delhi and is also in line to be the first woman Chief Justice of India in the year 2027.

Justice Nagarathna was enrolled on October 28, 1987 as an advocate. She practiced for over 19 year under the watchful eye of various courts and tribunals including Supreme Court of India, Karnataka High Court, Karnataka Administrative Tribunal and Central Administrative Tribunal,Company Law Board, New Delhi, in all branches of Civil side, Constitutional Law Consumer Redressal Commission, Bangalore and Arbitration and Conciliation, Service Law, Public & Administrative Law, Conciliation and arbitration, Conveyancing and Drafting of Agreements; Laws pertaining to land and Rent Laws. She has an expertise in Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Service Law, Insurance Law, Family Law and Education matters.

Having the knowledge of the reality and diversity of individuals is exceptionally significant for a judge and is very important. In her farewell discourse at the Karnataka High Court, she affectionately reviewed her time at Sophia Secondary School and Bharitiya Vidya Bhawan and her openness to the shifted and different Indian culture.

She expressed that it was her “firm conviction that one of the limiting components is the Indian Constitution — an overall set of laws focused on law and order and a coordinated progression of courts with a supreme Court at the top.”

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