Investigation done in callous manner, but cannot ignore the statement of victims- Delhi Court

Delhi court framed charges against one of the accused name Rohit in north-east Delhi riots case which took place in the previous year.

Delhi court held that although the investigation in this case has been done in callous manner and is insufficient yet, the victim’s statement cannot be ignored.

Charges were framed by the Court in FIR 32/2020 P.S. Gokulpuri against Rohit under sec. 143, 147, 148, 454, 427, 380, 436, 435 of Indian Penal Code, 1860, read with sec. 149 and 188.

The FIR was lodged on February 26, 2020, alleging that a riotous mob who were of about 400-500 persons, armed with dandas and iron rods.

They blocked the road and set on fire some shops and vehicles of that area.

A written complaint was received from Anwar Ali of looting and putting on fire his house by the mobs.

The Court observed that there was sufficient evidence in order to frame charges against the accused.

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