Justice Hima Kohli’s remarkable decision elevated her as 9th woman Supreme Court judge

Justice Hima Kohli, the Telangana High Court’s first female Chief Justice, will take her oath as a judge of the Supreme Court of India on August 31, two days before she departs from the High Court.

In the last seven decades, she is the eleventh woman to be elevated to the Supreme Court. Karnataka’s Justice BV Nagrathana The other woman judge in the current series of appointments is Gujarat High Court Justice Bela Trivedi (Justice Kohli is senior to both of them).

Justice Jima Kohli is noted for her executive accountability and unwavering commitment to women’s rights. She was recently in the spotlight for advocating for public health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It made it clear that the state government cannot deny medical treatment to its residents. By making distinctions between them based on where they live. The same bench issued an order in June 2020 instructing all private hospitals in Delhi with laboratories and ICMR authorization to conduct symptomatic COVID-19 testing on asymptomatic people.

Justice Kohli has also spoken out against prevailing stereotypes and discrimination against women on numerous occasions.He claims that not only are women obliged to work twice as hard during the COVID-induced lockdown, but that the country is also seeing an increase in domestic violence instances.

To oversee the police investigation, a bench led by him took suo moto cognizance of a brutal daylight murder of a lawyer couple on a highway in Telangana

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