Tamil Nadu has filed a petition in the Supreme Court, asking the court to stop Karnataka from building a dam on the Cauvery River

State of Tamil Nadu has petitioned the Supreme Court for an injunction prohibiting the state of Karnataka, through its subsidiary Cauvery Neervari Nigama Ltd, from continuing with any activity associated with the proposed creation of a reservoir at Mekedatu across the Inter-State river Cauvery.

It is alleged that the State of Karnataka’s design of the Mekadatu construction is in direct contravention of the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal’s order, as affirmed by the Supreme Court in its judgement in 2018.

According to the proposal, the planned project will significantly alter the flow of the Cauvery River and have a significant impact on farming in Tamil Nadu’s Cauvery basin.

The Government of Tamil Nadu also requested that the Central Water Commission deny and revert back the Extensive Project Report for the planned Mekedatu Balancing Reservoir and Drinking Water Project submitted by the State of Karnataka and that the Ministry of Environment and Forest and its departments refrain from considering any request for authorization related to the Mekedatu project.

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