Lawyer’s Plea against non issuance of Fully vaccinated certificate despite receiving both doses

Delhi High court has issue notice after an lawyer claimed that despite being fully vaccinated he has not been issued proper certificate.

Cowin portal showed partial vaccination against his name.

Justice Rekha Palli issued notice to Health Minister and gave a further date for hearing on September 27, 2021.

The fact arises Advocate Visheshwar Srivastava, practicing Advocate at Delhi High Court has received the vaccination along with his wife from Max Hospital Saket.

Accordingly his wife has received correct certificate whereas the covaxin app showed certificate at Bensup Hospital at Dwarka.

Contacting on the given mail id on Cowin App he did not received any remedy.

After expiry of 28 days, the petitioner along with his wife went for second dose vaccination at Max hospital.

His wife although received final dose certificate, his was still showing as partially vaccinated and 2nd dose due.

Court ordered if any affidavit to be filed has to be done within 10 days and rejoinder to be filed within one week thereafter.

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