Justice BV Nagarathna could be the first woman who becomes the CJI

After a long wait, Justice BV Nagarathna could be the first chief Justice of India. According to the seniority she could be the female Chief Justice of India in Sept. 2027. If appointment will be done on the basis of seniority. Eventhough her tenure will be only for 36 days.

She is the daughter of former Justice ES Venkataramiah. She enroll herself in 1987 in Bangalore Bar association, and she also appointed as the additional Judge in Karnataka High Court for 18.02.2008, and made a permanent judge on 17.02.2010.

She completed law study at the Campus Law Center, New Delhi.

The collegium approved her elevation to the Supreme Court and clear the way to her appointment as the first woman CJI.

In the Karnataka High court she play an important role in the evolution of social justice and she also certain the rights of child education as well as she also describe the law regarding the Company Law , citizenship law and so many criminal cases.

While delivering the decision in Santosha and Karnataka Power Corporation she demand the amendment in law for the safeguard of the illegitimate child. In this case she said that “In this world no child can be born without the father, there is no role of a child in his or her born, so the law has to understand this fact the parents may be illegitimate, but the child will not be illegitimate”.

In a case she said that the accused of POSCO is not entitle for the bail only on the ground of delay.

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