Transman and woman who were in a relationship reunited by Madras High Court

The Madras High Court reunited a transman and a woman who were in a relationship and forcibly separated by the woman’s father. They had been living together before they were forcibly separated by the woman’s father.

A Madurai Bench of Justices V Bharathidasan and Nisha Banu were dealing with the petition moved by the petitioner alleging illegal detention and confinement of his lover.

The Court said, “Therefore, considering the fact that the detenue is a major and she is willing to go with the petitioner, on her own volition, we set the detenue at liberty and permitted her to go along with the petitioner”.

The petitioner and the woman had fallen in love and decided to enter into a relationship. After sending letters to the police and informing that she had left her parental home voluntarily, the woman left her home and shifted to Chennai with the petitioner.

On May 8, 2021 the parents of Revathi had come along with police authorities and had forcibly separated the couple. Then the transman moved the instant petition against her father.

The Court then said “We have enquired both the petitioner as well as the detenue Revathi. They stated that they are living together for more than three years and the detenue Revathi also stated that she knowing fully well that the petitioner is a “Trans man”, and she wanted to live with him. The petitioner also willing to take the detenue with him. The father of the detenue, who is present before this Court, opposed the above relationship”.

The Court proceeded to order that the woman be left free to live with the petitioner since she had expressed that this was what she wanted to do.

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