Refused anticipatory Bail to accused of filing false case of Rape- Delhi High Court

Delhi High court refused to Grant anticipatory bail to woman who alleged threatened a man of filing rape case against him if he fails to meet a demand of rupees 2 Lack.

The court observed this as a case of “honey trap”.

The bench was headed by Justice Subhramonium Prasad who was dealing with anticipatory plea filed by a woman accused for offence under section 328 389 and 34 of Indian Penal Code.

The complainant alleged that he was invited to Nikhil Bhattal’s house where he met the accused woman as his girlfriend.

He was offered a drink and soon after having the drink he became unconscious.

On regaining consciousness he found the woman rubbing his private part.

The court noted that Nikhil had already been released on bail in July 2021.

The prosecution claim that the petitioner can abscond and therefore anticipatory bail should not be granted.

Considering the argument of Assistant Public Prosecutor the court rejected the bail petition.

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