West Bengal post-poll viciousness: Calcutta High Court calls for CBI test into kill cases, violations against ladies

The Calcutta High Court recently called for a test by the Central Bureau of Examination (CBI) into cases of killing and violations against ladies that took place amid post-poll viciousness in West Bengal. All other cases related to post survey viciousness will be explored by a Uncommon Examination Group (SIT). Both tests will be observed by the High Court, the Seat held.

The Court alluded all other cases cited by the NHRC committee in its report to a Extraordinary Examination Group (SIT) for court-monitored probe. The SIT will contain three IPS officers of West Bengal cadre, Suman Bala Sahoo, Soumen Mitra and Ranvir Kumar. The working of SIT will be overviewed by a retired judge of Preeminent Court on which a partitioned arrangement will be passed afterward after taking the assent of the concerned judge, the Court said.

The Court moreover said that the take note issued to Rashid Munir Khan, Delegate Commissioner of Police, South Rural on July 2, 2021 to appear cause why procedures for disdain of court may not be started against him, might be managed with later. All organizations of the State got to participate with the CBI and SIT for the test, the Court underscored.

It prescribed that egregious offenses counting kill and assault ought to be given over to the Central Bureau of Examination (CBI) for examination, in which such cases ought to be attempted outside the State.

The State government unequivocally challenged the NHRC report addressing the unbiasedness of the human rights body.

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