The Supreme Court has declined to issue a formal contempt order against lawyer Mehmood Pracha and has instead requested an apology

In a plea contesting the Central Administrative Tribunal’s (“CAT”) order finding him guilty of contempt, the Supreme Court today invited attorney Mehmood Pracha to consider filing an unconditional apology.

“Everything has transpired, there is a condition that we want you to wish that, please tender an unconditional apology,” the Division Bench of Justice KM and Justice SR Bhat remarked, refusing to stay the Cat’s order. We’re all going to make mistakes. We all make errors. We’re all going to make mistakes.

In response to the court’s question on whether advocate Mehmood Pracha had considered it, the counsel stated that he was merely preserving the court’s honour and that he had not been informed of anything in open court.

“You could have brought it before the Supreme Court,” Justice Yusuf said. It’s not good enough to make two mistakes. We are merely requesting to do so. We won’t be able to hear you today if you don’t accept our suggestion”.We’ll call it another day or another day.

The apex court had issued notice in the appeal and migration application on August 6, 2021. Shri Vikramjit Banerjee, Additional Solicitor General, who appeared before the Tribunal, was also served with a direction.

The Tribunal had found the advocate guilty of contempt of court under section 14 of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971, citing instances of rowdy and contemptuous behaviour on his behalf.

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