Delhi High Court refuse to grant bail to Nepali drug supplier

In this case the accused was arrested when he was delivering the narcotics to his clint, by the NCB (Narcotics Control Department), and the offence of the accused is punishable under NDPS Act.

The accused also accept the offence that he was selling the Charas to his clint.

And the offence committed by the accused is punishable upto 10 yrs Under NDPS Act.

The court refused to grant bail and stated that the drugs abuse is on the rising condition in the country which is not good neither for the society not for the country.

The court also said that the NDPS Act was enacted to stop the smuggling of drugs and while dealing with this type of offences we must keep the main aim and principle of the NDPS Act.

The court also said that the accused is the4 citizen of Nepal and there is a good chance to fleed away and not available for further proceedings, and also there is good chance that he will not available to follow the final order of the court.

So the court dismissed the bail petition.

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