Stay order by Supreme court on action by NGT against BMC commissioner.

The supreme court has stayed the order of Public NGT, summoning the commissioner of BMC over increase in contamination of different water bodies.

The bench of Judges D. Y. Chandrachud and M. R. Shah observed on Friday that BMC commissioner I S Chahal need not be available face to face before the court, as requested by NGT.

The court added that since organization and authorities are occupied with controlling the pandemic, they ought to be given sensible opportunity to record consistence. The SC further asked the NGT not to start coercive activity against the official.

Be that as it may, it would not remain the NGT procedures in the issue of release of untreated sewage in ocean and water bodies. On July 16, during the knowing about the case, observing postponements in execution of the sewage removal plan in Mumbai, the NGT had coordinated Mr Chahal to show up before the council face to face. It had likewise asked the BMC for what valid reason coercive move ought not be made against the Enterprise for rebelliousness of the court’s organization.

Following this, the BMC moved the SC, looking for help against the NGT request. On Friday, the peak court coordinated the BMC and the city chief to present an affirmation, demonstrating steps to be taken by the company to conform to the council orders inside a fortnight on sewage treatment.

“The city partnership and the metropolitan chief should react to the notification, which has been given by the NGT. Simultaneously, response to coercive strides against the metropolitan magistrate isn’t proper, especially when the authority is occupied with an enormous work to react to the Coronavirus pandemic for securing the inhabitants of the city. Sensible time ought to be given to MCGM and the metropolitan official to inform the court about the means taken,” read the SC request.

The SC, be that as it may, raised worries on ocean contamination, considering it a “intense issue” and coordinated the BMC to agree with the NGT orders on upgradation of sewage therapy offices.

“The civil company must, in our view, bend over backward to conform to the headings of the NGT by setting up the necessary offices and redesigning existing offices,” the request expressed.

The NGT request to the BMC came after NGO Vanshakti had moved an execution application, looking for bearings to carry out the court’s judgment.

“The BMC’s endeavor to get a stay request on the NGT procedures fizzled. The SC permitted the execution application to continue and the city chief himself should fulfill the NGT that the MCGM is conforming to the council request,” said Stalin D, head of NGO Vanashakti.

Sea, creeks and water bodies in Mumbai are confronting genuine water contamination because of release of untreated sewage and waste. The BMC has proposed to update and build seven treatment plants across the city under the Mumbai Sewage Disposal Project (MSDP-II). In any case, even following a long time since it was arranged, there have not been any critical changes. Last year, the municipal body was fined Rs 34 crore for contaminating the ocean and rivers.

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