Erendro Leichombam a habitual trouble maker, deserves no compensation : Manipur govt opposes plea

Manipur government filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court saying activist Leichombam Erendro, who was ordered to be released within six hours by the apex court on July 19, deserves no compensation as he faced no custodial violence during detention.

Erendro was detained under NSA for a Facebook post criticising use of Cow dung as COVID cure.

State government in an affidavit filed before the top court said that Erendro is a habitual offender and that his arrest was needed to prevent him from abusing his position as a political activist.

The State also submitted that Erendro was not subjected to any custodial violence or torture and that his detention was made in good faith.

Erendro is a habitual offender since he has four pending FIRs against him which are being probed into, the State also claimed.

The plea filed in Supreme Court by his father said “Erendro, a Manipuri political activist, has been preventively detained solely to punish him for his criticism of Bhartiya Janta Party (“BJP”) leaders for advocating cow-dung and cow-urine as cures for COVID.”

It was also submitted that the detention of the activist was in contempt of the Supreme Court order of the April 30, 2021 in the suo motu case of COVID-19.

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