ISRO espionage case

On Friday, the Kerala High Court found no evidence that the petitioners accused of incriminating former ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan in the espionage case were influenced by foreign elements.

As a result, Justice Ashok Menon granted the application and granted him anticipatory bail in the case, as the petitioners were summoned to answer to a crime that he had allegedly committed more than a quarter-century earlier.

The court remarked in its decision that certain documents presented to the Bench showed that there were certain suspicious circumstances pointing to ISRO scientists’ activities and that the authorities may have opted to take action against them.

Responding to charges made by advocate C.Nikrishnan that the petitioners were operating on the direction of some foreign force, the same division bench stated that as long as no specific material was involved in their involvement

The Bench went on to say that there was no evidence or material indicating that a foreign power, rather than a foreign power, would be involved in influencing the petitioners. As a result, it is determined that the petitioners are entitled to anticipatory bail.

Officers of lower rank, including some of the petitioners, discovered certain dubious circumstances during the investigation, therefore they registered the offense and referred the problem to higher authorities.

The court stated in its decision that “the worries of Kerala Police at that stage cannot be regarded to be without any substance.”

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